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Seafood crudités   40

Trio of tartare     20

Tuna tartare with yellow cherry tomato gazpacho
     and crunchy fennel    18

Cold smoked salmon carpaccio   16

Mussels peppered    15

Stewed baby octopus   16

Oysters on ice  26

Crispy octopus on cannellini cream   

     with olive crumble,

     caper flower and garlic sauce    20

Soft polenta with cuttlefish in garlic oil and     

     chili pepper and turnip greens   14


Cuttlefish ink risotto with burrata

     and saffron sauce  (Min. 2 people)      34

Clams and lemon goodies     16

Cod ravioli with courgettes, walnuts and olives  18

Spaghetti alla guitar with lobster    19

Scallop and prawn ravioli 

     with ginger and 'Nduja oil      19


Mixed fried    18

Mixed grill of scampi, prawns,

    Calamari, Fish       28

Slice of croaker with vegetable ratatouille

    and reduction of passito wine   20

Sliced tuna crusted with breadsticks and spices 

    with berry drawstring    19

Filleted sea bass

    or Sea Bream  Ligurian style        22

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